Forth Valley CREATE 2024
Forth Valley CREATE 2024

A General Knowledge Quiz For the whole practice

This quiz has been used by a practice - it has been annonymised.  I think you could use this with the whole practice team and then have an open discussion about the answers.

1.     What is F.A.S.T., what do the letters stand for?

2.     How much does the practice charge for private script?

3.     Which child vaccination does GP give and when?

4.     Which child vaccination do HV give and when ?

5.     What chronic disease clinics does Dr XXX do?

6.     Which chronic disease clinics does Nurse XXX do?

7.     Name clinical specialism of the following GPs




8.     In a sentence explain the practice complaints procedure?

9.     What is the procedure if I want to access my own medical records?

10.     What is the procedure if I want to access my dead sister’s medical records?

11.     How many appointments do we allow for the following procedures?



Flu vaccination

Ear syringing

12.     Explain the new ante natal booking system?

13.     What is the HPV and where can I get it?

14.     What are the seasonal flu at risk categories?

15.     What is AWI for?

16.     What leaflets are available beside the practice commemorative opening plaque?

17.     Name 4 posters on the notice board as you enter in the practice

18.     What leaflets are always available at reception desk including round at prescriptions?

19.     How many fire extinguishers are they in the building, what type of fire are they for and where are they?

20.     What does it mean of all lights are red on the phones at reception?

21.     How does the GP buddy system work?

22.     What is the practice access policy for patient appointments?

23.     What procedures does the HCA do?

24.     What is the difference between a nursing home and a residential home?  Name them

25.     Draw a map of the practice area and fill in what areas in XXX we cover? Use over the page

26.     What other practices in XXX cover XXXX

27.     What would it mean if a patient was on the ‘at risk register’?

28.     What is the ethos of nurse triage?

29.     What do I do with the following forms that a patient hands me at reception?

Blue badge form

Out patent clinic prescription request

Immediate discharge summary


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